Wrecked & Salvaged Autos

Sometimes dealerships sell cars that were previously wrecked or salvaged without disclosing this to the consumer. If you purchased a used car or truck and you believe it may have been in a serious accident before you bought it, we suggest you take the following steps. First, take the car to a body shop and ask for an inspection and report. Ask that the frame be measured. If the frame is bent or the vehicle has safety-related problems, you may contact us to discuss your possible case against the dealer. Salvage vehicles have been in such a severe accident that the insurance company or leasing company "totaled" the vehicle (paying off the consumer and taking title). These vehicles are supposed to be repaired at licensed repairers and then checked for safety. If they pass the safety inspection, they may be sold with full disclosure of their salvage status. The insurance company that totaled the vehicle must brand the title with the word "salvage." If you were sold a salvage vehicle, and did not know it to be salvage at the time of purchase, contact us.

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