Save our Lemon Law - Sample Letter

Subject: Keep California's Auto Lemon Law Strong!

Dear [insert lawmaker name here]:

I am writing to urge you to keep California's auto lemon law strong, and to oppose any attempt to weaken it. I bought a [insert model year, make, model of your lemon vehicle] in [year of purchase]. It has been nothing but trouble. I've had to go back over and over again to the dealership for repairs, and it has been a huge waste of my time and a tremendous headache.

I bought a new vehicle in order to avoid hassles and have safe and reliable transportation. But this [type of vehicle] has not been reliable. [Describe an incident. For example "Once it even left my family and me stranded, when it stalled out on the freeway and wouldn't start again."

When I complained to the dealership and the manufacturer, all I got was the run-around. Finally, as a last resort, I saw an attorney and filed a lawsuit. This could have been avoided if they had simply built a good product, or if they had just taken the problems seriously and fixed them.

My safety and the safety of my family depends on safe and reliable transportation. In addition, I'm paying good money for this vehicle, and deserve to get what I pay for.

If you or your staff would like further details about my experience with this lemon vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact me.


[your name]

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