Lemon RVs

Has your RV been in the shop time and time again? Do you sometimes think it will never get fixed right? Have your dreams of traveling the country in your retirement or taking well-deserved time off now become a nightmare? After spending the kind of money you have on your motorhome (motorhomes can sell for $400,000 or more!), you probably don't think of it as just buying transportation but as investing in a home or a lifestyle. With that kind of investment, it's a good thing that the California and Federal Lemon Laws protect RV owners. However, this is a specialty area of the lemon law due to multiple warranties from different manufacturers. Not all lemon law attorneys have the expertise to handle lemon RV cases like us. We've been helping consumers fight RV manufacturers and dealers for over 10 years. If you already think you've got a lemon RV then contact us now and find out for sure!

The California and Federal RV Lemon Law is designed to protect your rights when your new RV turns sour and the manufacturer's dealer is unable to fix it within a reasonable number of attempts or a reasonable amount of time. Information on this site is for general consumer information and is not intended to be specific legal advice or to substitute for the advice of an experienced RV Lemon Law attorney. You should always discuss your particular situation with an attorney experienced in RV Lemon Law cases in order to get good advice on exactly how the law applies in your specific situation. Of course, we think you just found the best attorneys (us!) to handle your Lemon RV case.

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