California Lemon Law

California has one of the toughest auto "lemon" laws in the country. However, Californians continue to have trouble persuading manufacturers to replace or buy back defective consumer products...

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Do you have a lemon?

There are a lot of Lemon Law myths out there. First, don't believe anything you hear from a dealership or manufacturer. They will do everything to not have to buy back your car and hope that you will give up and go away. They may try to claim that 2 or 4 repair attempts within the first 18 months or 18,000 miles are required under the lemon law.

But this is not true. A consumer need only prove that the manufacturer has been afforded a REASONABLE number of repair attempts DURING THE WARRANTY PERIOD (not within the first 18 months or 18,000 miles of ownership)...

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Auto Dealer Fraud

Auto dealer fraud is prevalent in our country for a number of reasons. The sheer volume of American car expenditures is enormous and by necessity and dealer ingenuity, car purchases are complex. The sale of a motor vehicle involves compliance with state titling and registration laws, often involves trade-ins, financing, leasing, physical damage and liability insurance, credit insurance, service contracts, options and other fees. This complexity provides ample opportunities for confusion and deception...

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We know the California Lemon Law inside and out, so we can handle all your California Lemon Law needs...but unlike some firms that handle only California Lemon Law cases, we also practice other areas of Consumer Law involving unfair/deceptive business practices, abusive debt collection, credit damage and identity theft.

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